Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting status on your order - do you ever check your email!

It bears repeating again. Last year we added a means to check and inquire about the status of an order. Simply go to "My Account" on our website (click the link in this blog) and view your recent orders. Click on the order you want help with.

From this page you can check on the status of an order or even cancel an order. Please use this to tell us anything regarding your order. This places the comment directly in front of our shipping department. If you leave a message with technical support or an email elsewhere our shipper will not see it and may miss any changes you wish to request on your order. (Note it does not help to add the same escalating comment every hour until we respond, we will get to it as soon as we can)

I have been asked "Do you ever check your email?". Well we do at technical support, however we don't handle customer order enquiries. Again, please use the link above and do not try emailing the store, they simply do not have additional staff to check for the odd customer email amongst the hundreds of spam messages received daily and we already have a better mechanism in place. If you feel really neglected try calling the store by telephone, otherwise using the "My Account" link our store staff will get back to you within a few days. Much as we would love to respond within hours, we simply do not have the staff levels required to do this. Remember more staff mean higher prices, if we have to pay someone just to answer emails we can't offer discount shipping and everyday low prices!