Friday, March 14, 2008

Customer Service

Looking at our customer feedback, you may be surprised that we have so many happy customers. We do but some customers get a little annoyed with what they perceive as "terrible customer service" because we have been unable to reply to an email within (in some cases) two hours.

Honestly please remember we are in just one single timezone, and do occasionally go home. We also have been out with the flu, dealing with family medical emergencies and the like, and have been filling orders by working until 2 am in the morning! We are still working and it is 10:15pm on a Friday night as we spent the whole day in the emergency room with sick parents.

Please be patient and allow us time to respond to your queries. Also please allow normal mail delivery times before reporting you didn't yet get your order. Parcel post and media mail (the free shipping methods used on many orders) takes up to 2 weeks to arrive. We have spent 5 hours answering emails about orders lost for 6 days, of course they are not lost they are still in transit. We have yet to loose a single shipment, although one did get delayed by customs for 3 months.

So what is our number 1 customer complaint?

"Why did you not yet ship me that yarn you told me was on back order, and when will I get it?"

Don't even ask. We will ship it when it arrives in the store, and that will be after the distributor ships to us, which will be after they receive it from whereever they get it. This can take anything from a few days to many months. If you need it now, PLEASE do not order yarn that we do not have in stock. If you want great prices and don't mind waiting, feel free to order.

Our number 2 customer complaint is.

"I ordered my yarn last week and it still hasn't arrived"

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. Small orders can arrive in two days but not all orders will, so please be patient.

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