Friday, February 12, 2010

Website Improvements - In response to customer requests

In the past we have has some confusion over our use of the term "back order". What we really mean by this is that the product being ordered is not in stock and we have to order it from our vendors. This is really a "special order" in almost all cases.

In order to avoid some confusion over special orders we have revamped the way special orders appear during the ordering process.

Firstly products that we cannot reasonably order in a fairly short time are no longer available for "special order" and are simply marked "out of stock" as is the case with most other vendors.

Products (other than yarn) are marked aas being available for "special order". Because yarn is often ordered in multiples we do not show this until you look at your shopping cart or go to check out. This will now be shown on the first (shipping) page of checkout as "special order" if we do not believe we have enough yarn in stock to fill an order.

Caveat - although a yarn may appear to be in stock in sufficient quantities we do not ship mixed dye lots. In this case you will be notified and the yarn will be special ordered.

We now will (in most cases unless specifically requested by the customer) cancel any and all special orders that we cannot or do not expect to fill within 6 weeks.

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