Thursday, September 6, 2012

Most requested enquiry

It's odd, and really you wouldn't expect it, but the most common request I have is "Please can you put me back on your mailing list, I accidentally clicked the link to unsubscribe and I want to continue to receive your newsletters"

The skeptics among you will say, sure you have to be joking. And I would have too, but seriously this is the most requested item of technical support. Believe it or not.

Possibly one of the reasons is we make it way too easy to unsubscribe from our newsletters, one click and you are off the list. Again believe it or not, pretty much that is the current law, you can't send out mass emails without a clear and concise way to unsubscribe. I should know I have done campaigns for many fortune 500 companies, and they aren't too keen to ignore consumer guidelines.

The good news for anyone accidentally unsubscribing is that it is just as easy to resubscribe. The easiest way is to click on the other link in your email, the one to visit the site. This will put you right back on the list. If you accidentally also deleted the email then you need to sign up again. Just put your email back into the list by signing up for the prize giveaway, or if you have an account you can do this in the account options under "My account" on the website.

Finally, I know I have mentioned it before but it bears mentioning again. Many people are very nervous about entering private information online, afraid of identity theft, compromised credit cards etc. And it has happened at many high profile companies let alone little ones like ours. So why do I say shop safely at The Yarn and Fiber Company?

It's as simple as this. We could save money by recording your credit card and personal information in our fairly secure (and unshared) database, but we don't. If we did we would reduce our credit card fees, but we don't. Why? Because we are consumers too!

All our credit card processing goes ONLY to the bank, and is never recorded in our database, so far the bank has never been compromised and so you can rest assured that your data is not safe with us, we don't even get it, instead it is safe with your bank, exactly where it should be.

We look forward to a great season with you, our confident customers.


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