Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do I pay Shipping on Leclerc Orders?

Leclerc recently have been clamping down on retailers who advertise Leclerc products as "discounted". They recently extended this to include an inferred discount by offering "free shipping". While we have never offered on-line discounts on Leclerc products (much as we would have liked to) we do advertise and offer "Free shipping on all products" to the US and Canada, which is a store policy and not an attempt to undersell or discount Leclerc products.

For most Leclerc products (any order over about $350 except some of the very large looms) the price DOES include free shipping (drop shipped from Leclerc). This new policy therefore effects only a few products.

Note that because Leclerc products are "drop shipped" direct from Canada we cannot automatically calculate shipping on our website.

So do we pass the shipping charge on to you? In almost all cases (continental US and Canada) there is no charge, in all other instances we will call you with an updated total to include accurate shipping charges before processing your order.

Check our web site or call 603.898.5059 for more details.

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