Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Web Server is Now Live

We are now live on the new web server and have switched to the new database server so things are a lot faster than before............

If for any reason you are still "stuck" on the old server this is because either your browser or ISP has not yet recognised the move. Hopefully you didn't save the IP address in your hosts file!!

If you see Pumpkins on the menu or banner of the website you are on the new server.

If you do not see the new server graphics (and still see the picture of the shop on the top left of your browser) first try closing your browser and then restarting it. You should not need to reboot.

If this does not work you might have to wait until the web reconfigures. Meanwhile you can still checkout on the old server using PayPal (ignore the warning) and we will copy your order to the new system manually. PayPal records the complete transaction so nothing will be lost.

If in doubt feel free to email me at or call the shop during business hours at 603.505.4432

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