Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Website update

We can't really say "The long awaited update" because I don't think anyone was waiting, anyway the http://www.yarnandfiber.com website got a minor facelift this week, with the aim to provide easier navigation to important features.

We also removed a couple of minor features. Please let us know if your experience any difficulties with the changes as we can't test every browser and screen configuration.

We would also like to apologiese to anyone who tried to use our credit card payment method and has a two-letter last name. For some reason the default on the credit card module was a minimum of three letters, but for an account was two letters. We have fixed this so two letters is the minimum for both.

Again please contact us if you experience any technical difficulties with the site you may contact us at either support@yarnandfiber.com or support@cydjdesigns.com

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